Cars buried in fallen bricks from buildings damaged in Sunday´s 5,4 earthquake near Zagreb. Photo: Private
24 Mar 2020

Large earthquake shook Croatia in the middle of Corona pandemic


A major earthquake has occurred in Croatia. There is great devastation in the central capital of Zagreb. 1 person was killed, 27 were injured and 200 were evacuated.

The earthquake had a magnitude of 5.5 on the Richter scale.

Power lines have collapsed, cars have been buried, and some streets are blocked off due to debrae from damaged buildings. 

A 15-year-old child buried in debris from a damaged building has been found and taken to hospital.

Initially, Reuters reported that the 15-year-old was dead, but local media are now reporting that the child has in fact survived with sustained serious injuries.

The earthquake has also caused panic and widespread devastation, reports the AP. One of two spiers at Zagreb's iconic cathedral has collapsed, writes the news agency.

Several fires have also occurred.


CTIF President Tore Eriksson contacted main firefighting commander Slavko Tucaković, who responded to the earth quake:

Here some basic information from him about the earthquakes in Zagreb from 22.3. to 24.3. 2020.

The strongest earthquake was on 22.3. at 6 a.m. in the morning 5,5 by Richter, with epicenter in the North part of Zagreb.

In 2 days we had altogether nearly 80 earthquakes, but with time they were getting weaker and further in between.

1 girl was killed, 27 people injured, of which 11 hospitalized.

At this moment nearly 200 people had to leave their houses and use alternative accommodation ensured by the government in a student home in Zagreb.

Damages up to now have been reported by around 7.500 citizens. More than 100 public facilities reported damages (schools, churches, hospitals...)

Fire-fighters from Zagreb managed in the first hours to finish all rescue operations of people.

For recovery operations with the fire-fighters have been engaged in very short time army units, but also all other public institutions.

Additional problems were because of anti-virus measures against Corona virus, because on 24.3. we had 381 infected persons in Croatia.

To face the situation the Main fire-fighting commander of Croatia gave a series of instructions and commands to all fire-fighting units.

This are in short terms the basic informations.

Photos: Private source


Material damage during Sunday´s earthquake in Croatia. Photo: Private