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Webo´s tunnel firefighting vehicle
Webo´s upcoming specialized tunnel firefighting vehicle.

Distribution of equipment for firefighting, civil protection, rescue services & ecology.

WEBO was founded on April 2, 1992 in Ljubljana. The founders were Werner Kolodzi, who transferred his many years of experience in the field of ecology to Slovenia, and Bojana Hrovatič.

We successfully started our pioneering work in the field of absorption and decontamination agents in Slovenia as early as 1990, namely with the remediation of the fuel oil spill in Murgle. In a very short time, Webo joined the ecological program with a number of exclusive representations of renowned foreign manufacturers of equipment in the field of fire safety and civil protection, such as:  TOTAL, TOTAL WALTHER, WEBER - HYDRAULIK, VETTER, LOHR MAGIRUS, etc.

We are currently setting up a new milestone - a fire truck for extinguishing and rescuing in road and railway tunnels. Four identical export vehicles will be made altogether.


Some of our products:


Personal Protective Equipment; Footwear, gloves, helmets...

Water fittings and pipes

Pumps and vacuum cleaners

Hazard Materials equipment: pumps, suits, pools

Ventilators and smoke extractors

Extrication: Spreaders, scissors and cylinders

Pneumatic lifters

Breathing apparatuses, detectors, compressors and thermal imaging cameras

High and low level rescue: Ladders, rope and climbing tech

Vehicle components

Foam, Universal and Special

Smoke generators, smoke detectors, hydrant cabinets

Hydrant network inspection equipment; pressure gauges, sets


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