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26 Jun 2020

CTIF / ISO 17840 - The World Wide Safety Standard for Vehicles

Our ultimate aim: A worldwide safety & extrication standard for all vehicle types


- Think Globally, Act Locally!


CTIF, Euro NCAP and SIS have since 2019 finalized an international cooperation to develop and international standard, the ISO standard 17840 "Rescue Information",  for the entire transport sector.

Chose your information package below, depending on if you are an end user, or if you are a manufacturer / decision maker within the transport sector:


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Information for Firefighters / End Users / Educational Organisations

First & second responders, public service organisations and educational organisations can download free examples of ISO 17840 pictograms, templates for creating rescues sheets for any vehicle, private or commercial, and everything else you need for creating Emergency Response Guides for training purposes and serving as guides for local rescue procedures. In this section, you can also download the free Euro Rescue App, with ISO compliant rescue sheets for most personal cars, regardless of propulsion technology, sold within Europe.    


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Information for OEMs & decision makers within transport, government or logistics

Commercial manufacturers, transport companies, government agencies and others wishing to implement the ISO 17840 standard will need to purchase the various download ISO-packages through the links we will provide in this section. We will also provide all the information you need to create rescue sheets for commercial and private vehicles, how to create and print placards indicating vehicle propulsion technology on any heavy vehicle, and how to read, understand and create ISO 18840 compliant Rescue Sheets and Emergency Response Guides.    


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