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Transportation of Dangerous Goods
02 Feb 2018

CTIF has re-entered the Expert Committee for Transportation of Dangerous Goods

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Since 2016 the CTIF Hazmat Commission has after a long time away, once again a membership in the UN ECOSOC Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG).


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Published by Bjorn Ulfsson, CTIF NEWS

This sub-committee is the highest authority for TDG, in order to ensure consistency between all regulatory systems.

The United Nations has developed mechanisms for the harmonization of hazard classification criteria and hazard communication tools (GHS) as well as for transport conditions for all modes for transport.

In the past we had a working group for the future of the different systems for labeling of dangerous goods and the hazard identification numbers. With this we will continue to get more useful guidance for our firefighters.

The possible new identification number code should allow them to start and sustain safe actions at an hazmat incident, minimize danger to themselves and to other persons and the environment. The new guidance should be for the initial stage until more valid and detailed information becomes available.

On the other side we started bilateral conversations with the United Nations headquarters in Vienna and Geneva for the Security and Safety Services.

Our plan is to get the whole United Nations Security and Safety Service as a associated member to our CTIF family with advantages for both. The UN gets a powerful source of know- ledge, which they can use worldwide for questions of fire and disaster management, for CTIF to easier contact non member countries.