Cover Photo (Above) Screenshot of the ITV News video on YouTube, featured below.
30 Nov 2021

Falling trees kills three people in UK - 100 000 without power from Storm Arwen


Storm Arwen continues to cause major problems in the British Isles. Since the storm hit on Friday, two people have died and more than 100,000 households have lost power, reports the BBC.

Fallen trees, overturned trucks and destroyed homes. Storm Arwen, which pulled in on Friday, has caused major problems on the British Isles.

On Friday, a man died in Antrim in Northern Ireland after a tree fell over his car. On Saturday morning, another man died from a falling tree in the town of Ambleside in the north-west of England, according to British police. A third person, a 35 year old man in Aberdeenshire, Scotland,  was killed by a falling tree hitting  hitting his car.

Hundreds of thousands of households have lost power, while the storm has led to major traffic disruptions, reports the BBC. Roads and railways have been blocked by trees and minor landslides and ferry traffic has been stopped due to high waves.

On Monday, tens of thousands of homes were still without power. 60 guests staying at the famous pub were trapped by a meter of snow and could not leave. The guests were forced to spend three nights on improvised beds.

Local fire services managed to dig a tunnel to the front door or the pub, in order to rescue one guest who needed urgent medical care. However, the rest of the guests had to remain "snowed in" at the pub since the roads were blocked by fallen electrical cables.

Train passengers near Aberdeenshire were trapped on the train for 17 hours, unable to leave the train. 

Before the storm hit, a  red alert warning was issued for parts of Scotland and northern England. Residents were advised not to travel under any circumstances. Since then, the warning has been downgraded, but on Saturday morning, yellow warnings for strong winds and snow were still issued for almost all of Britain.

In several places, wind speeds of over 145 kilometers per hours / 40 meters / second, have been recorded, according to the BBC. In addition, the storm caused a cold spell, which prompted the UK Health Authority to issue a warning of low temperatures until Monday.

Throughout the weekend,  the population was still urged to remain on high alert and  to refrain from unnecessary travel.

Cover Photo (Above) Screenshot of the ITV News video on YouTube, featured below.