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California diving boat fire
03 Sep 2019

At least 25 sports divers dead in marine fire off California coast

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A large sports diving boat caught fire and sank. The crew was awake and able to escape - but 30 divers were asleep on the lower deck. Twenty-five bodies have been found following the fire off the California coast.

The California Coast Guard was alerted that a 22-foot long dive boat caught fire in the water off the southern shores of California on the American west coast.

According to initial information, a large number of people sent out a distress call near the island of Santa Cruz.

In total, 39 people were allegedly on board when the fire broke out.

"it's a big boat and we know that there are several casualties. I have no exact number", Bill Nash at the Ventura County Rescue Service told CNN.

According to early records, 34  sports divers were feared dead.

According to Reuters, the crew had have been awake and able to escape the boat while the passengers, who were asleep,  were not able to escape.

The five survivnig crew members were allegedly rescued by the Coast Guard. Of those rescued, one person had minor injuries, the USCG Los Angeles Coast Guard writes on Twitter.

Late Monday night, the authorities stated that 25 bodies had been found.


Diving boat fire