The header for the CTIF Fire Statistics issue no 25, 2020
11 Jun 2020

The CTIF Fire Statistics issue no 25 now available for download


The Center of Fire Statistics (CFS) of the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services (CTIF) presents its latest report №25, containing fire statistics of many CTIF countries and their larger cities for 2018 and trends for 2014-2018.

This report includes statistics on numbers and rates of fires, deaths, and injuries due to fires and on-duty firefighter deaths and injuries, whether sustained at fires or not.

The report also includes statistics on numbers of non-fire emergency responses, by significant type of incident, and values and rates of firefighters, fire service apparatus and stations.

The fire and loss statistics for 2018 are based on data from 46 countries and 41 cities. Data on calls, fires, and losses during 2014-2018 are from 65 countries that have supplied data for one or more of the five years in 2014-2018. In each table, the number of countries with data shown varies depending on the number of countries that reported data for the displayed statistics at any time in 2014-2018. For 59 countries, statistics on fire service resources are presented.

All statistical data presented in the report were obtained from responses to the requests of the Fire Statistics Center and published previously in official statistical reports of various countries.

The data of past years has, in some cases, been updated with revised information.

When comparing statistics of countries and cities, it is necessary to keep in mind that every country has its own rules for reporting fires, fire deaths, and fire injures. These rules change from time to time.

The authors are always grateful for any suggestions to improve the work of the Center for' Fire Statistics.

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