The Czeck firetruck overturned in the ditch.
26 Aug 2018

Commander dead and driver in critical condition in fire truck accident in the Czech Republic


At Libivá near Mohelnice, on Friday, August 24, a collision occured between of a passenger vehicle and a fire truck tanker, reports Pozary.zs.

The fire truck turned over on its roof and went off the road. Four civilian people were also injured in the accident.

The accident had tragic consequences for the local fire service.  One  member of the Fire Brigade of the Olomouc Region, Zábřeh station, died in the accident, and another firefighter suffered very serious injuries. Two other crew members were lightly injured.

The cause of the accident is not known at this time and is under investigation by the Police of the Czech Republic.

Ing. Karel Kolářík, Director of the Fire Department of the Olomouc Region said:

 "In the evening, I was struck by a report of a tragic accident of firefighters from Zábřeh. On the way one died and the other was badly injured. I'm so sorry".

 "Sincere condolences to the family of the dead rescuer. I wish the wounded firemen a lot of strength to handle a very difficult life test", said Ladislav Okleštěk, Governor of the Olomouc Region.

Videography by HZS Olomouc Region & Petr L.