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20 Apr 2023

One person dead in collapsed parking garage - building had known safety issues


One person died and five others were injured when a parking garage collapsed in Lower Manhattan's financial district in New York on Tuesday. The concrete floor suddenly gave way on multiple levels, crushing parked cars, according to Reuters.


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On Wednesday night, a parking garage collapsed in Lower Manhattan, New York, USA. One person is dead and five people are injured, according to the American news site ABC7.

The floors of the three-story building on Ann Street collapsed around 4:15 pm local time, causing passing cars to collide. The parking garage is located at 57 Ann Street between Nassau Street and William Street.

The search for any trapped cars or people in the rubble continued overnight, said Fire Chief John Esposito. Drones and a robot dog were used in the search due to the risk of further collapse, according to AP.

Four of the injured are receiving treatment in hospital and their condition is said to be stable.

The photo in this article are screenshots from the below Twitter video:


Twitter feed about the parking garage incident