Bio gas bus fire in Malmö, Sweden, on May 28, 2019
10 Jun 2019

How safe are bio gas vehicles for firefighters? - New incident involving CNG bus


We have previously written about dangerous incidents involving CNG buses, like for instance the fire at the Klara Tunnel in Stockholm. At the end of May another bus fire occurred in Sweden, where a violent fire plume shot out several meters from the safety vent. 

Read a CTIF-RETEX document about a LNG incidents here

A biogas bus at Skånetrafiken in Malmö was completely destroyed by a fire on Tuesday May 28th. The fire occurred in the western harbour in Malmö. The bus had no passengers at the moment. Only the driver was on board, and he was not injured.

According to the emergency services, there was no risk of explosion as the gas fuses melted out as they are designed to do. However: if a firefighter had been 8-10 meters from the bus when the fire plume occurred, he or she would have been seriously injured or killed.

Swedish media have posted videos that show the dramatic fire development. On SvT Skåne's film, which you will find here, you can see how a violent flame strikes out sideways, 5-6 meters from the bus when one of the safety valves is released.

On the SR P4 Malmöhus film, which you can find here , you can see how some safety valves release with a flame upwards, and a valve releases laterally.

The bus, which is owned by Nobina, was completely burned out. It was a Volvo CNG bus, meaning that it ran on Compressed Natural Gas (compressed bio methane).



Bio gas fire in a bus in Malmö